Alternative item for production in AX 2012 standard


I was wondering if it is possible, in a Production Order, to use the alternative item functionality that is currently setup for Sales Order. I know that there are similar options by using a Formula, planing group and Priority, however, that is not possible in my situation.

What I’m looking for needs to work on a BOM component in AX 2012 standard. A typical scenarion for this would be: On a production order i use a BOM with a component that is going to be phased out, lets call it component X. Instead of using a date restriction to phase out Component X, I would like to use Quantity. When X is out of stock I would like the system to choose an alternative item (much like with a formula and priority) to be used instead.

My restraints are that I cannot use formula for this solution, so the solution has to be centered on a BOM and its BOM component, e.g. I would like AX to consume to the old item first before the new one is used. The solutions has to be triggered by quantity equal zero rather than date.

Another thought was if a event kanban could be used for replenishment, making a event rule that specifies that when component x reaches zero inventory, a substitute item is picked. Meaning, could I use what MS calls “Stock replenisment event” for this situation? See below.

Excerpt from the MS book on kanban : 'Whenever on-hand inventory is reduced for an item on a coverage dimension, that is covered by an event kanban rule, and inventory falls under minimum stock aas designated on the item coverage, an event kanban is created to replenish that minimum stock"

I believe the event kanban would simply replenish the out of stock item. There is no way to control alternative items in BOM’s when out of stock as standard. Planning would also have an impact here.

I’m agree with AdamRoue, if you reach zero stock for item X and having a development to change that line in the BOM for item Y… what’s the point if item Y was never planned (therefore you have also zero stock) because it was never added in the BOM?

The phase out of components is a common situation, the planner (person) should take a look into MRP and see the approximate date that item X is going out of stock based on future demand and place a line in the BOM for item Y starting the same date (and the end date for item X), that is the best case scenario I think.

The cost-benefit relation of this situation would only be favorable for a development only if we are talking of hundreds of items in the same situation to be stock controlled and replaced in the BOMs, considering giving the replacement item a min/max coverage group the least, if not it should be handled item per item basis.

I see, thank you for your answers. I have been thinking in those directions myself, but I wanted to see if I had maybe overlooked an option for this situation.

As for the production, the number of throughput is quite large and sometimes there are lots of components that has to be phased out which makes it hard to keep track on them all through date control.

I understand the problem with not having the alternative item on the BOM before it is phased out and I have been thinking about the option of using valid to/from option on each line affected, but since this is also date controlled we shall see how this is received.

But lets say that valid to/from is adopted, I’m still curious if is it good to keep adding ‘substitute’ components to the BOM lines as the BOM itself will be quite large, maybe one can use that option first to not ‘miss’ the transition between items, and then afterwards create a new BOM/BOM version?

Thank you once again for your time.

The option of creating a new BOM is valid for not having large items lists inside the BOM, although it could also be good to see the history of changes, without moving from one BOM to another.

I’m curious about the industry you are dealing with, I’ve never seen such a large necessity of phasing out lot of items so frequently. Have examples?