Allowing usres To enter filters

Hai all,

How to get multiple filters through coding.

I have to filter the vendors as user enters the filter in the request form

the user have to be enter like eg1: VEN0001

eg2: VEN001…Ven020


eg4: VEN001&VEN002|VEN003

for this how to write code .

Advance Thanks.

Why didn’t you copy the filters from one record to the other record using:


In the Request Form We are not Giving any Field its just A Text box .(not a table field).

On that text box:

SourceExpr → varfilters - Choose a variable with at least 50 chars length

TableRelation → vendor

ClearOnLookup → No

ValidateTableRelation → No

On predataitem → rec.setfilter(filter,varfilters);

correction →

On predataitem → rec.setfilter(field,varfilters);

Thanks. But In my scenario the dataitem is not there in the dataport .(rec is VLE )

i.e I am using Vendor ledger entry as my dataitem

and i want to filter those vles based on the Vendors type of supply which is the user defined field in vendor and it is not there in VLE.

RS, your post is unclear, at first it apeared you were working in a report, but now we can see its a dataport the initial post looked like you were filtering on vendor.:no." now it apears its a custom field.

Stop take a deep breath rethink and start again, write down the business need, don’t worry about code just explain what you want to achieve. If you can’t put this in clear business terms, then work with a senior to show you how to do this.