Allowing Post Function In sales Order For a Particular User

I have two users User1,User2, both have soper roles. Now When i want to do sales Order it should be done by User1.

and when the user2 trys to do sales order posting it is not working for user2 .

for this i add a new field Posting with boolean data type in user setup table.

when this boolean is true posting function have to be worked and for false its not for that user.

then what is your doubt?

So you want a SUPER user that is not a SUPER user? Sounds like you just don’t want to take the time to setup the permissions properly.

I am Just added a field Posting in user setup table. here problem is i have 2 users say user1 and user2.

when user1 logins into the database with his logins he has the permission to Post the sales Order;

but when user2 login in the database he does not have the permission to do sales order posting .

Get the USERID and check whether the Posting is true or not in the begining of the CU81/80…

As suggested by Matt, you can do this by using Permissions also without adding a field and modifying objects…

sorry i can’t understand , how can i do that, can u give me in detail

I hop[e we have discussed it sometime back [;)]

yes but its not working, thats why i am again raise this query

If you are following new field in User setup then write the below code in Post - OnPush


IF NOT usersetup.Posting THEN

ERROR(‘You do not have permission to post the Sales Order’);

where UserSetup is “User Setup” record

oops i write the same but not working,

Can you show the screen shot what you have written?

Is Posting False for the User Id which you have logged in?

Sorry for the delay,actually what i am asking is not to disable the Posting Menu Button, rather have to disable the Post(F11) menu Item in the Posing Menu Button

Based on the user, you want to show the post button? [:O]

Yes,Thats only

Better to create new form without post button and add it in new menu and assign the menu to users which you dont want to show post button

k ,Thank you