Allow fractional quantity in NAV

Does NAV allow partial quantity?

ex. BOM component qty is 0.5 kg

routing setup time is .05426 MINUTES

because i encountered that all of this resulted in 1 qty always during end result of transaction


Navision 5.0

MS SQL 2000

was the application rounding precision set to 0.00?

where can I find that rounding precision?

is it on General Ledger set-up? Its 0.10…

should I change it to 0.00? is there any effect if I change it from 0.10 to 0.00?

it should be set to zero so no rounding shall be made on entries below a whole amount/quantity.

Be aware that the general parameter is overruled by the rounding precision on the item card. So you can set it different per item.

Thanks for the reply

How to set rounding precision per item?

I already set to 0 the rounding precision per item. but as I used the item during Prod. Orders, error occured.

Rounding precision must not be 0 in Item XXXX?

I need to set irounding precision not to 1 because I need the item to be produced partially

Here ?