Allow Edit in form

Hi All,

I have a table with a,b fields with allow edit property is no. I created form with same table and enter data in the form.

When ever click the edit button in action pane i want to edit those fields (a,b) in the form.

Is there any possible to edit the fields in the form. Please let me know.


If you want to edit them, why you have set them not to edit on table? You cannot edit them in form. But you can have alternatives like using edit methods that updates and shows the value from these fields. I don’t see a need for that.

Thanks kranthi for u r reply,

In the form fields(a,b) entered by diff users(a field entered 1st user, b field entered 2nd user).
I have edit button in form level which should be accessed by only 2nd person.How can i achieve this using roles.

Create new previlege and assingn ur form(Display menu item) as entry point in that previlege… add that previlege to role…Assign this role to second user……/hh272122.aspx

Thanks kranthi & Gopinath for u r reply,
its working fine.

Mark the useful replies as verfied(This helped me) and close this thread…