allow dataport import by brand instead from csv file

hi folks,

i have a dataport to which import item no. csv in which based on the
item no. listed in csv it will looked up in item card number and get the unit
cost then write this item no. to a temporary table.

my questions is how do i allowed user to filter by certain brands in the item card,
and get the unit costs based on brand instead?

my dataport dataitem currently is based on temporary table

end of the day the dataport ought to have flexibility of letting user to either
import using csv or update based on the filter set by user

Do you mean to say that User will set filter on Brand and on the basis of the brand respective unit cost will be updated???

hi amol,

thanks for replying…

the features of the dataport is to search for unit costs of particular item either based on the lists of item
no. from csv files import by user or user can simply filter by product group or class.

after searching the relavent item (either based csv item list or filter by brand) dataport will write intop a temporary table.

hi amol,

i manged to solve it by adding another column in my csv files (brand), dataport will check if this column was filled, if its empty then will look up item no.
in the next column, not sure is there a better design?