Allocation of exps. based on Sales of Different Business unit.....

Dear All,
In AX 2012 / 2009 I am want to allocate Administrative Exps. to different Business unit based on the my sale of different Business Unit.
For the same I am currently using allocation journal. In allocation journal I am able to do the same manually via Percentage.
But I am not able to do the same via Basis of Sales of Account. While running the periodic job I got the error that “No transaction is available in the source ledger account”
Can anyone help or guide in detail for Basis use in Allocation journal…
Jinesh Shah

Hi Jinesh,

Assuming setup is correct, this error occurs when Source Account (Where original transaction is posted for allocation) does not have transaction for Allocation.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Dear sachin,

In my source account there are already transaction and balance as on date of Allocation. Still I am getting the same error…


Jinesh Shah

Hi jinesh ,

Can you post the screen shot of the error and balance of the Sales account ?