allocating cash

when receiving cash from a customer, sometimes the amount does not equal anything on the ledger. In these situations, we post the amount and leave it unallocated (as payment on account). Following this, when information is received, sometimes the customer as part paid an invoice and therefore the following needs to happen : payment on account £1000 invoice “a” £500 customer paid £250 of invoice. Therefore we need to allocate £250 out of the payment to invoice “a” resulting in : payment on account will be reduced to £750 invoice “a” will have a remaining amount of £250 when we apply entries, we do not get the option (version 3.10) to allocate part of the payment to part an invoice. Does anyone else have this problem or found a way round it? :smiley: Thanks

Hi Navision I believe likes to assume full application, although there are methods around this - the methods however require this knowledge at the point of processing the cash receipt - so you would split the payment £250 and £750 applying the £250 to the said invoice and leaving the £750 on account - naturally the issue still exists if the £750 is split between more part paid invoices. the help states that: The only fields on a customer ledger entry that you can fill in are the following: On Hold, Due Date, Pmt. Discount Date, Remaining Pmt. Disc. Possible, Pmt. Disc. Tolerance Date and Max. Payment Tolerance. You cannot change the other fields because the entry has been posted. As you cannot alter the figures for application this means full application is assumed and you cannot meet your requirements without modification - sorry [:(]

The functionality you are now missing - Partial Payments - will be included in version 4, I gather from other topics/messages in the forum.