Allocated Capacity in Production Order

Hello I am trying to understand how the “Allocated Capacity” is calculated in Production order for the following setup. Work center setup -------------------- Unit cost calculation : Time Unit of measure code : Hour Shop calendar code : For 24 Hour (Full day) Other setup are default values. Routings ---------- Select the above work center in the routing Run time = 1 Run time unit of measure code : Null (dont select the UOM) others values are default. Item card ----------- Attach this routing Released Production order ------------------------------ Select the same item Quantity = 100. Refresh the Production order Now go to Released Production order → Item button → Routing → Routing Button → Allocated Quantity → Allocated time. Here the value is 0.00003. I was trying to understand how it is calculated. With the above setting, I am getting what actually I want to achieve. But I am unable to understand this value. Please explain me.

Hi You are not telling us all of the settings! I will explain it using your settings, and my own. Create the routing as you say, by not filling in the run time UOM Navision will assume this is minutes. I then create a new item and add only this routing, filling in only the posting groups and other required fields. By refreshing the production order I then load I am told that the Allocated time is 1.6667. The allocated time is displayed in hours as per my work centre setting. I am manufacturing 100 and each takes 1 minute, this is 100 minutes, which expressed in hours is 1.6667. If I change my work centre scheduling UOM to minutes the Allocated time returned is 100. I did this in version 4.0, you do not state your version.