Allocate Stock To An Order


Once a sales order has been raised, I want to have the option to allocate and lock the stock on hand to that order so that no other operation can be performed on it without first unallocating from the order. This seems a simple thing to do and I assumed that this was what the ‘Reservation’ feature is for. However I’m very surprised to find that even if a sales order has ‘reserved’ stock from item ledger entries, this doesn’t stop another sales order from shipping items, whether they reserved them or not!

Also, there seems to be nowhere that reports ‘Free To Sell’ stock - i.e. inventory less stock allocated/reserved for orders.

All I want to do is :

  1. Place a sales order
  2. At some point in time, reserve the stock preventing it moving
  3. Ship the stock

Am I missing something/is there another feature I should be using? This is fundamental procedure for distribution.

Any help appreciated,


What version of Navision are you running?


It’s NAV 5.0 SP1, SQL Server edition.


Hi Jonathan,

We’ve implemented NAV is a couple on distribution sites and have found that we had to do modifications for this. Sure NAV has reservations but we found that un-allocating stock was too cumbersome and not quick enough for a distribution environment. The basis of what we did is based on the available stock in the info. panel on sales orders. Orders were put on backorder is none available or the user could see what was allocated and amend (depending on the site). These figures were based on the order line and not reservation entries. It’s not as easy as it sounds on paper.

Hope this helps.


we have the same problem. Many sites to be provisioned with material parallel. Our first was to reserve the material with project planning lines, but it failed. Now we try prebooking at proposed delivery day with project booking table - so decreasing the stock and ordering new stuff in advance by order suggestion from warehouse.

But I’d like to learn better solutions

Thanks in advance