All projects screen under Project management and accounting running very slow - DAX 2012

Hello ,

We newly implemented DAX 2012 and our users are experiencing very slow when try accessing the All Projects screen located under

/Project management and accounting/Common/Projects/All projects

our TEST machine does return records a bit faster than the prod machine. Prod machine is very slow.

Can anybody think of any reasons and how to go about increase the perfomance?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dave,

The screen may takes more time to load the production environment due to the large size of the data

Also, please check the following:

  1. Ensure if the production environment has sufficient hardware requirements as recommended by Microsoft.
  2. Install necessary cumulative updates.
  3. If the problem recurs, Go to System administration → Set up -->Client performance options and make necessary setup to improve performance ,like hiding unnecessary fact box panes etc.

Hope this helps,

Shantanoo, Barry-Wehmiller International Resources