all modules not visible in enterprise portal site in ax 2009

Can anybody share the solution of all the modules are not visible in the Enterprise Portal site ?

Its urgent please…

I have experienced this for the first time.

Hello Lalit,

Check the License file once
In the Administration – setup – System – License Information

Check whether the license file having…

I have checked that also and it is same as that you have posted …checked all the other scenarios but still in vain.

Is there any relation between .net business connector and EP ?

Hello Lalit,

Can you provide the screen shot of EP page what is displaying over there…When trying to open the EP is showing any error message.

hello naresh,

thanks for your support but i have solved it my way.

Actually the site features was disabled for that site.After enabling that feature ,all the tabs/module are visible now.

Once again thanks for helping.

But i am strucked with another issue.

In EP site, my pages are not getting redirected and if some pages get redirected to another ,it appears to be blank.

what could be the issue now ?

Hello Lalit,

please tell us what features you enabled?

We need to disable these features, because we need web page on PDA

Thanks in advace