Alias For property in Field Level

What is the use with the propetry “Alias For” in the table field level properties

what i know is it is used to establish a relation with the same table with another field, is it true?

If yes,

Where i can find the difference ?

You can find this in case of CustTable - NameAlias field which will have the Alias Property to AccountNum.

Which is used as search name. When you type this search name during the Sale Order Creation the system will pick up the Customer Id

based on this property.(yes it will form an internal relation)

Sorry kranti,

i didn’t get it what u said…give me some detail explanation if possible.

Take an example of ItemId

In InventTable - NameAlias will have this property set to ItemId (eg: Name Alias = k and ItemId == 10001)

Name Alias is used as search name for ItemId.

Now if you are using this ItemId filed in any table - suppose creating a purchase order.

in the PO lines when you enter the Name Alias ‘k’ in the itemId field the system will pick up the ItemId = 10001 and will put the value in the ItemId field. The logic behind the search name is the Alias For Property.

Hope you understood…

Hi karanti,

Thanks a lot for your nice clarification…now i got it.

Hi Kranthi,

I don’t know if you came accross the same problem. In my case, I have a new field that extends from ItemId but it’s not a field of a table. When I try to use the same functionallity, that means put the nameAlias in this field it doesn’t recover the itemid code. I tested that only works if the field is on a table. Do you know what could happen?

Thanks in advance,