Alerts based on values?

Hello everybody! Can someone confirm to me if the following is possible in AX 2009?

Situation: Quality Control is going to create manual quality orders, with predefined analysis, if a particular analysis result that is entered goes up or down from a particular value (out of range) I need to send an alert -email- to the production manager in order him to make the necessary production adjustments.

Is this supported by standard functionality?

Thanks a lot!!

There are two types of alerts you can setup in ax.

  1. Change based alerts - which will be used for

if any changes are made in the field values or if the value of if the field is increased than the specified value etc…(see in the event during the creation of alerts - these events will be changing from the type of fields)

  1. Due date based alerts - which are mainly used for date fields.(it will send you the alerts when the due date exceeds etc)

and for your question yes it is possible to send alert in your case…

Many thanks Kranthi! I will verify and post

Verified and working.

Many thanks!

Hi Kranthi,

It looks like you are an expert in Alerts setting. Please help me… :slight_smile:

Similar situation as one of your other response: I can now only manually trigger alerts. Having a big trouble setting it up as batch job. Is it because I also need to set up Batch server? or what would be the reason?

I have also tried “Tutorial_EventProcessor”. And to me, it looks like it is only for demo purpose. Once I close that window, it does not run anymore. How can I make the system send out alerts every 1 minute automatically??

With regard to email setting, I have be struggling as well. For email template, it does not make too much sense to me. Why in that form, we need to enter “sender email ID” Shouldn’t it be recipient email ID?

If you could give me a detailed instructions, that would be highly appreciated… :slight_smile:

Or if you do have a skype account, can I add you and we can talk online. I can also share my screen with you.

Awaiting your response. Thank you very very very much in advance.




First to say i am not an expert - I just know some ways of setting alerts…

Yes - the Tutorial_EventProcessor is only for the demo purpose- u cannot use this in real time.(because it will difficult to run this always)

For sending the alerts automatically you need to create a Batch Group.Administration → batch group → create new and add the batch server.

Based on the type of alerts whether change based or due date - add the batch groups in Basic → Periodic → alerts and add the batch group. and the recurrence of alerts…

Hi Kranthi,

Eventually I have alerts work. Because my customer’s implementation is actually migrated from demo ax VPC to the real production environment, the batch server was not assigned properly. Anyway, it is working fine now… Thank you very much!!!

By the way, do you have any ideas about email setting? If you are also familiar with email settings, could you also please guide me how to set it up? A step by step (with pictures) would be awesome. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much,

Alfred from CA, USA

Hi Alfred,

See this link -