Alert Rules problem in AX 2009 - please help!!

Hi to all!

I have set up some alert rules within AX 2009. In Basic - Periodic - Alerts, I have set the change based alert job to be run every minute, with no end date. However, when I do something which triggers a change based rule, I do not get the alert until I run the job again manually from Basic - Periodic - Alerts! Surely this cant be the way this was designed! How do I get the job to run automatically, instead of manually? I have waited for more than a day for alerts to be generated automatically, but it hasnt happened. I have tried it with multiple different alert rules, to make sure it wasnt just that one alert that was the problem. I have also deleted alerts and recreated them to see if that would help, but no.

In Tool - Options - Notifications, I have set notifications to be received every minute, Pop Up link destination is ‘to Alert’, Show popups is ‘For all alert rules’. Within each alert rule, I have set it to show a popup.

Even with all of those settings, I do not get any popup, alert bell icon in the taskbar, or any notifications until I have run the Periodic job again manually. Please help before I go crazy!!


I beleive you use a batch server to peridically run the classes, so you get the system to run the class, and do not do it manually.

Could you tell me how I go about doing that please? Cheers

Nope because I have never done it, you would need to read the administrator manuals for batch processing etc. I beleive it is a relatively simple thing to do, create a batch job, set it to run periodically and then run the class you are running from a batch perspective.

Thanks for this - as it turns out it is quite easy! All I did was go to Admin - Setup, create a batch group for Alerts and allocate our AOS server to run that batch group. Next, in Basic, Periodic, Alerts - I created a job for both type of alerts, and added them to the ‘Alerts’ batch group! Now it works great!

The only other query I have is that I cannot figure out how to have an email sent as well as a popup when an alert is triggered. I have selected the checkbox for sending an email when I create the alert, but no emails are received. Any clues?? Do I need to be looking at any other settings to get the email functionality to work? Also, when ticking the checkbox to send an email when I create an alert, I have no way of typing in which email address the email should go to - my email address is automatically in the email address field, which is also uneditable. But I am also creating alerts for other people, but their alerts too have my email address in that field. So presumably when emails is working, they will all come to me!

Thanks for all help


Hi Naz,

I am having a project now and the customer wants to receive alerts. I have been struggling with setting it up and fortunately found your post. It seems like you have resolved this problem. One part I don’t understand is that “how did you allocate your AOS server to run the batch job”?

Could you please be more specific of that? Or if you have a skype account, do you mind if I add you and we can talk online? In skype, I can also share my screen with you.

Also, have you eventually had your email worked? If so, could you please guide me regarding that? Thank you very very much in advance.

Awaiting your response.


Hi Alfred,

Take a look at server configuration form under Admin → Setup. Here you can assign specific AOS instance as batch server. And also assign batch server groups to this AOS instance.

Regarding your other query, did you have a look here -



I’m sorry if this comes too late as a solution.

I’ve had the the same issue and I fixed it by deleting all records in EventCUD table for the affected company ID.

Hope this could help


Hi all ,

in order to get the alerts to ur email id , u need to set up an e-mail template from basic>setup>e-mail templates and then add ur batch group to its general tab . tick mark the send e-mail here and whenever u create an alert rule . u will start gettin the mails :slight_smile: