alert rule for duplicate entry

Is it possible to create an alert rule that would warn me about creating a sales order with a customer requisition number that was already used on another sales order for the same customer?

For example, I create sales order number SO-000345 for Customer account 2222, and I include 987654 as my customer requisition number
Then I create sales order SO-000390 later in the day for the same 2222 customer, and use 987654 for my customer requistion number again.

I would like to have an alert that says “A sales order for this customer that uses that customer requistion number already exists.”

Is this possible to do? I haven’t had much luck, and I haven’t had any experience working with alerts either. I’m kind of unsure of their capabilities.


No the alerts cannot do this.

Write a modification to verify the field on a customer basis and call an infolog if it is.

Hi Adam,

One option is make this field mandatory in the table.

Another option is write custom alert script during table insert.