alert on Item arrival

How do I set up email alert on particular raw material transaction. in InventTable form we have a field ‘Monitor’, then on any transaction of 'monitor’ed Item I have to send the mail.

Is there any Axapta functionality to fullfill my requirement.

Axapta Alert, I think and I’m not 100% sure, will not help me.

Thanks in advance and I appreciate your help

Abdul Rahman


I hope the link below will help you

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Hi Abdul,

You can create a “Alert Rule” for that field for which you want to get noticed with an alert.Two ways to create

1.Right click on the field and select ‘creat alert rule’ .

2.Basic–>Setup–>alerts–>manage alert rules.

The required ones to be set are

1.On occurance of which event the user should be alerted

2.Alert the user till any specific date or no date

3.Who has to get the alert

Before creating an alert rule,you have to configure the email settings



Thanks for the solutions

May god bless you all.

Abdul Rahman