Alert Message - Template


I created changed based alert rule. And I am receiving emails of it.

Can I get Link for the source in email as we get in AX popups.

I tried Dynamics://%LinkToBusinessData% under Email Template But I am receiving just text as "


Can anyone help me in this.



please refer below example

may be you are missing href…/aa834376.aspx


To use the drill-down functionality from an e-mail message, users must work from a local Microsoft Dynamics AX client with a local version of the Microsoft Dynamics AX configuration file. The drill-down functionality does not work if users access Microsoft Dynamics AX by an application server


I tried with href also. I managed to get HTML code which shows the link. But when I click on that…its not taking me to the source of the alert.

By the way, I am connecting thru AX client only.


are you using AX 2012 R3 CU10?

also check your application and kernel versions are same

is “Dynamics://%LinkToAlert%” working?