Alert Message identifying BOM items on Sales Order line level


I need a help on knowing if there is any way to have an alert message (A message box confirming / identifying this is a BOM item) on Sales Order line level when selecting a BOM item in the Item Number.

At the moment I manually have to go to Sales Order Line > BOM Line but this is not feasible for each and every item hence not appropriate.


Did you quote yourself for a reason?

Anyway when teh user picks the item from teh list it tells them it is a BOM. Why do you need to know it is a BOM item, so why the alert requirement - what process are you instigating next?

Hi Adam,

Sorry, I am new to this forum so still trying to get my head around.

The orginal item could be created in the Product Release (Product information management>Common>Released products). However, in absence (out of stock) of original item the alternative item which is a BOM (consolidation of various items) should generate an altert message identying this item as a BOM item to the users on Sales Order Line Level.

It is very important for the users to know this is a BOM, some feature is needed to identify it.


Actually, it does not alert me for when selected BOM item, please can you brief me on how to enable alert?


You have not said why it is important to know.

Anyway you will need to customise the system so say that when an alternative item replaces the originally entered, and the alternative is a BOM item then tell the user this. Nothing as stadnard would do this for you.