Alert in Navision 4.1

Hi, Is it possible to do alert in navision 4.1? For example: When a new order come in, order department will make an order then i wish make alert to sales department to let them know there has a new order. thanks you for your reply. Have a nice day. kit

This is basically what the Business Notification Server is intended to do as far as I understand. BNS is part of Navision and can be found (including documentation) on the Setup CD.

Business Notification may be used, but another solution could be to use mail (Outlook). From salesheader-table or -form you could create a mail (use Codeunit 397) and send it to the salesdepartment. We did a solution like this a few years ago (in Financials 2.01).

In the past, I have always done the same as Anfinnur. Its pretty easy to do, and it all fits int he confines of “the known world”. But as Thomnas is suggestion, we do need to look at some of the new features of Navision such as Business Notification. Which is defintiely the way of the future.