Alert if stock is below inventory level


My client wants to have an alert if the item falls below the minimum stock level.

Is this possible in AX2012 R3?


You can run the Critical on-hand report (using Batch to schedule it ) after setting up the Min-Max limits of the items in Coverage Plan

Thanks for your reply.
But the client needs an alert to notify the user that the item is below the minimum level instead of running a report.
Can we accomplish this in AX?

Yes that is called Master Planning - the “alert” is the suggestion to buy/make.

You need to instruct the user about what FathyTaha and AdmaRoue says, the report will take him just a few seconds, they need to have a procedure in place to run the report daily/weekly, or setup a batch job to run it for them and leave the sheet in the printer waiting for them

Hi Adam,
I forgot to mention that the client is not using MRP at this time.

Hello isaiah2065, AX 2012 has alerting mechanism in place, if there is a table field. But in your case, the physical inventory level is not a table field, it’s calculated amount, you’d better use the report to pull the info.

If you are not running MRP or a report that generates the calculation there is not much you can do - the inventory is dimension sliced and calculated each time, so you cannot put an alert based upon a trigger of a stock point - it is a process in AX not a field change.

Just an addendum - it’s also depends on the dimension groups that belong to the item. I tried building a Power BI report to handle this once, but I wasn’t 100% happy with the output. I basically had to hard-code in the storage dimensions I wanted to build the report by. In theory, it was kind of cool, but was pretty stupid looking because of the demo data I was using.

I can attach the .pbix file if anyone’s interested.

If you still want the AX alert mechanism to be used, then it can be achieved with the customization.

Hi Kwen,
I’d better use report instead of alert.
Thank you very much.

Hi Adam,
I agree to use report instead of alert.
Thank you very much.

Hey Isaiah,

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To add to this, if you set it up as a batch report, you can set the format to output as a PDF report that emails directly to the user. This will get them something in their inbox without having to open AX.

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