Alert Error

Hi all, I have been trying to use alert in dynamics ax 2009. It works perfectly on the Demo company (Light company) but on the live data i have the follwing error;

An error occurred while processing the batch job Change based alerts. The following task(s) failed:

Change based alerts

0 runtime task(s)

Review the batch log for more details about the failure.

On checking the batch log I have the following error

Infolog for Task Change based alerts (5637147920)

Error executing code: Wrong argument types for comparison.

(S)\Data Dictionary\Maps\LogMap\Methods\getDataAslist - line 20

(S)\Classes\EventProcessorCUD\processUpdate - line 7

(S)\Classes\EventProcessorCUD\process - line 12

(S)\Classes\EventProcessorCUD\run - line 14

(S)\Classes\EventJobCUD\runCudEventsForUser - line 25Please help urgently

What set up have u done I mean what is the value in

  1. Options → Notification tab → alert fields

  2. Basic- > Alert parameters and

  3. How is alert defined on the field ?


  1. Options

Receive notification every 15 minutes

Pop up link destination - To alert

Send alert as e-mail - define on each alert rule

show pop ups - define on each alert rule

Show notification in client - Yes

  1. Alerts - parameters

Due date alerts

Batch processing window (days) - 90

E-mail ID - Alerts

Drill-down target - 0

Field name in table employee has changed

thanks in anticipation.

Once compile the LogMap



I have compiled and i dont have errors. still not working

Hi Dare

do you remember how did you get resolved this issue,I have the same issue and trying to find out the resolution.

can you please send me an email of you know the resolution at shaikvcs at gmail dot kum