Alert - Customer invoice line

Hi all,

I work with test environment in AX.

I need to delete some article/product.

I removed route but when I’m trying to delete article/product I got this alert:

“Items cannot be deleted while dependent Customer invoice lines exist. Delete dependent Customer invoice lines and try again.”

What I should to do now ?

There is a restriction on the item delete. If you have customer invoice transaction then you shouldn’t be able to delete the item. Why you are trying to delete it, when there are transactions?

I wanted to see if it is possible to delete article.
So at the end of the process I made an invoice.
This is not end of transaction? What is next after invoicing?

what does that mean?

It means that there are other activities which which must be done with invoice?
Someone has to post invoice when customer will pay for service?

How is all that related to deleting the product/item?

I just need to check if it is possible to delete ready product.

You cannot, as it has the transactions.

Ok, So if I understand you. I can delete product if it wans’t use but If was use I can’t?
Or I can’t when exist some transactions related to my product?

If item has any transactions then it will not let you delete. You have to delete those transactions before deleting the item and you cannot delete the transaction if they are already posted. Example : Sales order - if the line on the sales order is delivered or invoiced.
So instead of deleting the item, you have to hold the item for any transactions. You can do it by selecting the stopped parameter on default order settings.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Now I know what I wanted.