AIF web service call from Webbrowser address bar

Hi All,

I want to call AIF web service from the web browser address bar, like,


I am using AX 2009, can any one give me reference or example of this scenario.

Hi Zeeshan,

Not sure exactly what you are after.

There are lots of AIF manuals on line on installation and configuration. After installation and configuration of AIF, you should be able to call web service from browser like you mentioned.

I was expecting to get the customer group with recid passed in the address bar. But it shows me the service screen? is my expectation correct?

Let me explain it further, i have successfully test the service using .net code and its working fine,

But i am trying to get the xml formated records to be displayed on page when i put the url on the web browser address bar.


is it possible?

Hi Zeeshan,

Did you ever get this working? I’m facing the exact same problem: I would like to invoke an AIF webservice from my browser and return the response as XML in the page.

Many thanks for your response.