AIF Update Operation Error: No valid document identified from the entity key.


Using the AIF wizard, I have created a document service based on a query with the following data sources:

CustTable → DirOrganization → PartyLocation → LogisiticsLocation → LogisticsPostalAddress (all inner joins except an outer join for DirOrganization → PartyLocation)

When I try to issue an update operation against the AIF service, I receive the following error:

"No valid document identified from the entity key."

I’m using CustTable.AccountNum as the EntityKeyField.

Upon debugging the service code, the error is produced in the method, AxdBaseUpdate.buildStructuredDocumentEntityKey(). The line this.buildStructuredDocument(_localQuery) results in a NULL ‘document’.

I’m not sure why the above line doesn’t return a result? Looking at _localQuery the conditions and joins seem correct and should return a result.

Does anyone have any ideas what is causing the error? Maybe there is a problem with the query?




I am getting another issue like this while using AIF wizard. I am creating document service for inventBatch

So i used data source invent batch and invent dim in query.

So when i am completing my Production order process,after RAF its showing the error “Wrong number of elements in key data container in entity key”.

What could be the issue??