AIF Service (SalesSalesOrderService) to Generate Invoice


I am asking how can i do the below because i didn’t find anything on the web.

I have a previously created sales order and i want to generate an invoice, using the AIF Document service SalesSalesOrderService, with the current quantity of All and to post that invoice.

How can I achieve the above?

Thank you for your help

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Ali K. Barada

Wouldn’t SalesSalesInvoiceService be more suitable?

Hello Martin,

wouldn’t SalesSalesInvoiceService helps me in creating new Sales Invoice? Then I should update the status of Salesorder to invoice using SalesSalesOrderService then relate the invoice to the order?

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The status of the order is changed automatically when you invoice the order.

Hello Martin,

Sorry for the late reply, but below is the list of service operations i have when i want to add to my AIF Service:


what should i be adding? SalesSalesInvoiceService don’t have a create operation to perform. Please advise.

And do you have any sample code on how to create a sales invoice, i am not able to see anything online.

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Although you’re showing SalesSalesEInvoiceService instead of SalesSalesInvoiceService, you’re right. I remembered it wrong; sales invoice service (unlike purchase invoice service) doesn’t support creating.

In that case, I have another suggestion. Consider implementing the posting as a custom service. If it accepts a small set of parameters (such as SalesId only) and you don’t need complete SalesParmTable / SalesParmLine records, implementing a custom service mat be significantly easier than building a document service.