AIF service for Vendor invoice journal

Hello All,

I have to create AIF service for Vendor Invoice Journal (AP->Journals->Invoice Journal).

AIF service for Ledger General Journal is running but i have to create same for Vendor Invoice Journal.

As i am new in AIF and don’t know how to create, so please help me to get rid from this issue.

it will very kind of you.

thanks in Advance.

Hi Taukeer,

Watch this video…

You can use the same service even for the invoice journal.

Hello Kranthi thanks for quick respond but as i said earlier that i am new and dont know the way how to create, so it will be good for me if you suggest or have some documents.

Hello Gopinath thanks for quick respond, and i wil check with this link.

Please be more specific, how do you want to use that service ? (to send from AX or to insert/update data into AX)
Here is some general documentation,…/hh352313.aspx

Hello Kranthi,

I simply want to create vendor invoice journal like general journal voucher.
it means i want to insert data in AX.

See the similar discussion here,…/create-invoice-journal-via-aif