AIF SalesSalesOrderService Create | callcontext does not consider the company value

I have 2 company C1, C2. I am creating a salesorder from AIF using salessalesorderservices, when register the Sales Order it was created in C2 dont matter the callcontext specific.


callContext.Company = “C1”;

callContext.Language = “es”;

callContext.LogonAsUser = “user1”;


user1 have company default value C2.


It its correct, we need to make one user per each company to redirect the Sales Order to the correctly company?


It should work. Does the user has access to C1? Isn’t the service restricted to C2? What’s your version of AX?

AX2012 CU8. First I tried with a single user and always created order in the company’s default user, regardless of the Company value sent in the context.

When you’ll check the things I mentioned, you’ll find the company restriction on the Security fast tab of your inbound port.