AIF - SalesSalesInvoiceSchema


I added a new View as a data source to the SalesSalesInvoice Schema (The query is called AxdSalesInvoice) under the CustInvoiceJour data source and set the relationship to OuterJoin 1:n. It is joined on the SalesId field on the CustInvoiceJour data source. CustInvoiceJour.SalesId == MyView.SalesId.

After I update regenerate the classes, register the new service and refresh the services on the form I view the schema and I see my View is there with all the fields but when I generate an invoice and process the AIF queue. The document which is output doesn’t contain anything from my View. I’ve checked my data in the View and it should output data in the XML generated. Have I perhaps set the relationship up wrong? The version of AX I’m using is 2012.