Aif Problem

Dear Friends

I am working with Aif.I successfully installed ‘IIS’, ‘Aif’ and business connector in my system.

In the form ‘websites’ found in (Basic---->set up—> application integration framework— >websites) i am trying to create a record.In the virtual directory share path fileld my data is: \\MicrosoftDynamicsAXAif50\ test1.svc .

It is throwning me an error while i am saving as: “The Web site test1 has an invalid share address. Confirm that the machine is accessible and the server has read, write, and delete privileges”.

My iis has full permissions.If known the reason for this error please help me.

regards ravi


As the error message indicates your virtual directory share path is incorrect.

Try providing full directory path starting with ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft …’

Hi harish

Thanks a lot for your replay.I chose the virtual directory path wrong.You are correct.Its working fine.Take care, bye.

Just to add to this further for anyone else who comes across this issue.

In AX 2012 R2, I have found that you have to set full control permissions on the root directory (C:…\AX\60\AifWebServices) for the following:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Web Service Administrators

  • AOS service account

  • BCP service account

Setting these permissions on the share itself does not appear to resolve permission errors in the validation tool when running the Web sites configuration wizard through Systems Administration > Setup > Services and Application Framework.

Refer to for more information.

Thanks for leading me down the correct path Kieran.

I had to add full control security access for the AOS service account on AifWebServices folder.

I went to the AifWebServices folder > AifWebServices Properties > Advanced Sharing > Permissions > Add AOS Service > Update to Full Control.