AIF issue

I want to expose all the data from complete production order process to a third party tool.
I follow all the steps for generate document service from MSDN.
I created query by using related datasource, than ran the AIF created few classes.
i did all this for prodtable,prodjournalprod(all production order related table) in diff diff query.
In similar way i want to generate document service for invent batch.
So for this i create query with data source invent batch table and invent dim table.
it created all the respective classes and few other objects.The code is error free and run also ,but the place where it’s generating xml, throwing error “Wrong number of elements in key data container in entity key”.
I am not able to find out real problem.when i check with few blogs, it says related to some primary key field’s not able to find the primary field or unique field for respective table.
Any input will helpful for me.

Hi Shashank,

AX issues are notorious to debug. You mentioned you have generated quite a few services yourself. Which service gives you this error? And what is AX version?


I want to generate document service for inventbatch,i created a query with inventbatch table as main data source and inventdim as secondary datasource.

I want to generate xml for invent batch id, which is created after RAF posting in production order.

Hi ,

This issue is for ax 2012.