AIF information

Hello Users,

I want help from the experts regarding AIF.

I have installed Web Services in IIS on my AX 2012 machine .

Now i have also created a class and methods for which my requirement of Web Service is.

I have also created service and service group for the same .In the inbound ports form, i have deployed my service group and activated it.

When i browse the URI in my browser ,it shows me the WSDL file which contains all my services .

Now i have followed all these steps perfectly .

Now how can i consume this web service ??

Urgent help will be a need for me.

Hi Lalit,

This based on your application which your having from VS 2010 also we can able to consume your service by following way.


Create VS Project and select Windows Form application give a related project name.

Create a form and some button which you want.

Solution explore - Reference → Add service Reference in that address box give the WSDL URL and click go and it will consume your service which is activated in Inbound port in AX.

Then give a reasonable name for the service reference then click ok.

Now you can able to use your service in this project… :slight_smile:



Thanks Abbas for your reply.

Is there any other way to consume except VS ??

Hi Lalit,

Not sure what exactly is your requirement.

But as long as you have exposed AIF via wsdl, this can be then consumed from any platform (ex Java).

On another note, Soap UI freeware is useful product for testing wsdl