AIF (Endpoint) Error : The user is not authorized to perform this action.

Hi All,

"The user is not authorized to perform this action."

We started getting this error message in our AX 2009 PROD system, when ever we try to consume an XML file using an Endpoint thru a File System Chanel to create a Sales Order.

We did not made any code changes / setup changes.

  1. We validated the “SourceEndpointUser”.

  2. The File System Channel “Parallel processing” field is not checked

  3. In C \ AifInboundParallelMsgProcess\Methods\run -

The code is valid “inboundMsgProcess = new AifInboundMsgProcess(,

Thanks in advance.

It could be an issue with the submitting user / SourceEndpointUser.
Look at the XML message.

Have a look at \Classes\AifMessage\getAxUsers
\Data Dictionary\Tables\AifEndpointUser\Methods\getAxaptaUser