AIF batch job status remain in 'Executing'


I made 2 batch job for AIF ( Under AX 2009 ). The first with AIFGatewayReceiveService and the second with AifInboundProcessingMessage.

I setup these batch for recurrence ( 2 minutes ).

My problem is that the batch only work one time ( without error and my data are correctly imported ) and the status remain in ‘Executing’ !!!

If I change manually the status ( directly in the table ) to waiting , the job work but only one time again.

I read multiple subject about that on the forum but I have no solution.

Thank you.

It’s not clear which of your two batches gets stack in Executing state. And we can’t know what AIF services you’re processing. Review the output, AIF exceptions and AIF message queue. Maybe it works fine and it just have too many items in the queue. Maybe it stops on a problematic item. Maybe it’s something else - I can’t simply guess it.

If everything else fails, use the debugger to see what’s going on in code.

It’s work now . It was a problem of TimeZone in the recurrence parameter.