AIF AX 2012 Retrieve master product dimension


I’m developpeing a C# application to import products, dimensions, and variants to AX. But I’m struggling with duplicate dimensions creation. I tried to use the find method for products to not recreate found products and it works fine (code bellow), still I cant do it for dimensions.

is there a way to retrieve an existing product dimension to avoid trying te recreate it ?

productcriteriaElements[i] = new CriteriaElement();

productcriteriaElements[i].DataSourceName = “Product”;

productcriteriaElements[i].FieldName = “DisplayProductNumber”;

productcriteriaElements[i].Value1 = “ProductNumber”;

productQueryCriteria.CriteriaElement = productcriteriaElements;

axdProductMasterfound = productService.find(ctx, productQueryCriteria);

thanks in advance.