Aging of Stock

My client has over-written the GRN date with the transfer date (transfer of goods date). Consequently, I have no way of aging the stock. Is there some way in Navision of reaging the stock based on the GRN date being over written. I need to age the stock for end of year valuation.

Hi Tony,

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I assume that the client is GRN’ing into one location and then using a transfer order to bring the inventory to the main location. The Item Age Composition Report uses the posting date of the open Item Ledger Entry so will always take the transfer date. To age as per the GRN, the report would need to be modified to lookup the original GRN Item ledger entry and use this posting date.The problem will be identifing the correct GRN if there is multiple receipts in the location. Is there assumptions that can be made to streamline this?