ageing of overdue advance invoices

Hi all,

is there a way to generate an ageing report (30-60-90) for overdue advance sales invoices, like the ageing for regular sales invoices (in NAV 4.0)

Thanks for any help.


Hi Michal,

Firstly, Welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

What do you mean by advance sales invoices - invoices posted for goods/service in advance?

What due date ate on these invoices?

Have a look at report 120 - Aged Accounts Receivable which put ledger entries into a temporary table and then aged.

Hi DaveT,

my company is property management company.

Our tenants needs to pay to electricity, gas, water and services every month - this done by advance invoices (they have a due date of average 30 days).

Once a year there is a “big” settlement where we compare the real cost of the building (all the gas, water, … consumed) and compare them with the advances received from tenants throat the year. The result may be an overpayment or underpayment.

I need to be able to work with these advance invoices like with regular invoices, but because they are not accounted for, they are just recorded somewhere in NAV. the report 120 does not work with them. the only think I can get are already paid advance (I’m not interested in them|).

thanks for any help.