Aged Reports.

I have just noticed that on running an aged report( Debtors or Creditors) that the Aged report will not agree with the corresponding control accounts in the G/L if there has been a revlaution of the currency. For example a purchase transaction origionally entered as 300 dem was translated as £100 stg.( AMOUNT LCY ) An Adjust currency batch job was processed so that the origional entry now reads 300 DEM translated as £110. Note ORIGIONAL AMOUNT LCY 100, AMOUNT LCY 110. When the transaction is closed the realisation of gains and losses means that the aged reports will return to the origional value AMOUNT LCY 100. But if I wanted an aged report for the period prior to closing the transaction it will have been updated and so if I compare the G/l to the Aged report they will not agree??? Has any body encountered this before?? and if so can anyone help??

You can define flowfields based on G/L Entry using fields Source Type and Source No. It works fine and it doesn’t matter if your report is aged or no. Best regards, Const.

Back to the same problem. Am I missing something fundamental about Navisions’ muti currency functionality but surely if the revaluation routine, which is standard British accounting practice to revaluate all open Debtor and creditor entries with the most up to date foreign exchange rate. The consequences of this is when the open transactions are closed the Amount LCY reverts to the original Amount LCY, which means that the sales and purchase ledgers are out of balance.The sales and purchase ledgers are at the original value when the transactions were entered on the system but the G/l accountgs reflect the revalued position. Surely somebody most have come across this?? Any help out there???

Gerry You are Quite Right! I had a quick look at the report which adjusts the Currencies It Recalculates the “Amount(LCY)” and “Remaining Amount (LCY)”, this is useful for expected revenue forcasting but would then cause a temporary difference between the “Debtors Control Account” and the Aged Debtors Report if reporting in “LCY”. Once payments are made the Invoice LCY Amount will be reconcilled by the Payment LCY Amount at the Current Exchange Rate and with the “Debtors Control Account”, any difference being posted to Gains and Losses. Navision assumes that if your Invoice is for 300DEM then your Payment will be 300 DEM then it can recalculate the gains & losses. Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: Edited by - David Cox on 7/24/00 1:14:42 PM

Gerry, are you still interested in how to balance GL and other ledgers, i.e. how to make the revaluation routine useful and make the report work up-to-date at every prior date ? I have some useful tips and codes reffering this. Sorry to be so much late, hope you will reply. Utenaze.