Aged Acounts Receivable Reoprt 10040 add original amount

I have tried adding the original amount to this report by adding a text box and using

TempCustLedgEntry.“Original Amount” as my source expression. When I print details all i get is zeros

I am a complete novice so any help would be deeply appreciated.

NAV 6.0

You have to use CALCFIELDS function on OnAfterGetRecord of section where you put the textbox, like TempCustLedgeEntry.CALFIELDS(“Original Amount”)

Hi Dennish,

Imran has given you the solution but I would add that being a beginner you should not be modifing standard reports but save out a copy (use File → Save As - normally using the 50000-50099 range) and work on the copy. This can be then added to the menus.

Thanks Dave,

I have a test database that I “experiment” on. Once I get it to work I export the object then import into my live database. I also copy the original to another location just in case.

I would like a little bit better explanation though. I do not understand the syntax. How is this function working? If I copy this and paste into the C/AL I get an unspecified variable error.

TempCustLedgeEntry.CALFIELDS(“Original Amount”)

Hi Dennish,

It’s good that you have a test database to test on but it’s always good to have the original on the database as well to verify figures if queried.

There is a Typo in the command it shoud read

TempCustLedgeEntry.CALCFIELDS(“Original Amount”)

Thanks for all the help