Aged Accounts receivable report in Job Queue

Hi Folks -

I have created a Job queue called AARREP and its started. I then go to Report 10040 Aged accounts receivable and have Print Details set to True and Print to Excel set to True. On the Print button I choose Schedule and Report output type = Excel and I set the Earliest Start date/time. I expect the report to be in my Report inbox on my role center when after it runs.

When I go back to my Job queue entries it says ERROR. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Check whether your NAS service is running, Check in recurrence is it checked marked with the date you’re running. Verify whether “Last heart beat” field is updating in Job queues. If you’re facing an error, then can you elaborate what error it is exactly displaying in event viewer and in error log?

Hi Harikiran -

I just checked NAS is running, Yes, recurrence is also check marked with date and time, Last hear beat is also being updated correctly. It’s standard out of the box NAV Aged accounts receivable report and the the options I have checked on the report is Print detail to true and Print to excel as true and after it runs I get the below error.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV server attempted to issue a client callback to
download the file book1.xls(codeunit 419 File Management). Client
callbacks are not supported in Dynamics Nav server.

Either way you try to schedule this report by choosing the schedule option on the report or set it up in Job queue you get the message. If its not supported why did Microsoft throw this option on the report. Or Is there any hotfix that I am not aware about.
Thanks again for all your help.