Aged A/P not balance to GL, Navision 2009

I don’t know why the message didn’t post.

I am having trouble balancing the aged a/p report to the general ledger. It looks like when an open entry is applied manually it is no longer considered open. For example, I posted a payment in Dec 2012 and it was an open item on my old version of Navision. An invoice was posted in March of 2013 and the payment was applied to it. When I run the aged a/p report in Navision 2009 for Dec 2012, the payment is not listed, not open even though it technically is an open item as of Dec 31, 2012. Do I have a setting off? Shouldn’t the payment be an open item regardless of when it was applied?

Hi Jeffrey,

It was a problem with Internet Explorer compatibility. I have now changed the settings, which hopefully solves the problem.

If you run the aging report as per March 2013, then your payment will not be listed if closed and related to a invoice after your ending date.


Thanks for your response but it is a bit confusing, and maybe it was my explanation.

The payment should be open in Dec of 2012, that is when it was posted to the vendor ledger. It was applied to an invoice that was posted in March of 2013, so it should be an open item in Dec. My older version of Navision showed it this way and it balanced to the GL. When I print the aging report for Dec 2012 in Navision 2009 the entry does not appear in the report and it should.

I don’t understand the correlation between the report and Internet Explorer compatibility so I don’t know what settings you could change that would affect me.

I hope this explains my problem better.

Jeff Lavendol

The standart Aged Accs Payable report is changed in v.2009 - you should ask your Partner to modify it to meet your requirements, although not in all situations it is possible to “roll back in time” and look at the data as it was at some historical moment.
That old entry doesn’t appear because NOW it is marked Closed (fully applied) and is not “seen” anymore by the report, never mind what the time scope you set in report. It is a Yes/No field, not date when it happened (although there ARE fields like Closed by Amt & Close Date, but report must be modified to use them, and there still will be errors in case partial payments were made, that for developers avoid using those fields and don’t desig reports, that are not 100% reliable in all situations).

In NAV 2009 NA (NA=North America) the Aged A/P report is a localized version - maybe earlier you used the worldwide standart one?

P.S. Erik’s comment part about IE compatibility was not NAV related - for some time now it is impossible to post here in forum using IE, only Chrome / FF works. That for your first post has empty body part…


Thanks for the response and it make perfect sense what you are saying about the closed entries. It makes me feel better that I found the differences and there is nothing that I set up wrong or in how I am filtering the reports. I will talk to our partner and see if a modification is worth doing. We upgraded from a 2.x version and it must have been a “worldwide standard version”.

Thanks for explaining the IE part too, seems I had been able to post using IE in prior posts but some setting must have changed.

Again, thanks for your help.

Jeff Lavendol, Barr Display