After the Windows Update, NAV Prints Extra Pages

Every Thursday, Windows pushes out an update. The next day, everyone gets an additional page after printing certain documents from Navision. This just started three weeks ago. If the update is rolled back, the documents print correctly.

We have cleared the spoolers, the problem persists.

Is anyone having this problem?

The Database is 4.0, and the executables are 5.0 service pack 1, update 2 (so this is an elderly version, which does not help matters).

check, if the printer settings (page layout, borders) were changed.

also check the report settings: page layout/width+height, borders.


which build version do you use? Which windows version do you use? Do you get the problems on every single classic report?

I can try to reproduce this issue to help you out :slight_smile:

best regards