After printing client is in an another language.

We have the following problem: After printing a report in an another language then the language of the navision client, that navision client is also set to the language used in the report. The language in the report is set by the property of the order (tabel 36 field 41).[?] Only by deleting the zup file of the user, the client is set back to his normal language Dutch. We are a Dutch company, so Dutch is our default language. The user works unter Citrix, with a 3.01 client and a SQL 2.65 database. Do you know a solution?

I assume in the report code the function GLOBALLANGUAGE is used to set a different language. In that case the same function must be used at the end of the report to reset the language. Manual setting of the language can be done in the menu Tools | Language…

Peter, no I used this code to set the language just in the report: IF RecLang.GET(Sprachcode) THEN CurrReport.LANGUAGE(RecLang.“Windows Language ID”); Also, I don’t use a version > 3.7, there I can set menu Tools | Language. Not possible in a 2.65 with 3.01 navision client.

Maybe resetting the CurrReport.LANGUAGE at the end of the report will work? (Sprachcode dutch?)

Peter No, it doesn’t help. We still have this problem. [:(] Still looking.

Strange… Can you send me the report? Maybe I can reproduce this strange behaviour and find the cause of the problem.