After Installing AX for Retail, Existing items doesn't appear in Retail Item Master file

After installing AX for retail, the exisiting items in my Item Master file (inventTable), doesn’t appear in Items Retail master file, only the newly created items are appearing. In LS Retail there used to be a check box in Item Details General Tab for “Retail Items”. This check box is not appearing in AX for Retail, therefore there must be some other way to import all the existing items from InventTable to “Retail Items”.

If anyone knows the solution kindly help us in this regard.

You need to import items also in RBOInventTable, RBOColors, RBOInventDimensions,

Open INVENTTABLE FORM in DataSources you will see the linking.

Dear Zxais,

Thanks for the reply it had been very helpfull I checked the data sources in RBOInventTable form, only following two tables must be updated:

  1. RBOInventTable

  2. RBOTmpItemList

I was only updating RBOInventTable therefore items were not appearing in Retail Item form, as soon as I updated RBOTmpItempList items start to appear in Retail Item form.



Can you guys please post the job details to bring the data across?

Thank you