After Compile Transformed Page:

The RunObject Action property only supports the following types: Page, Report, XMLport, Codeunit

Design the page, it seems either the Dataport / Form is there in RunObject Action of transformed Page.

I don’t understand you

Design the converted page, check page actions.
There will be an action, where RunObject will have dataport or Form.

The error is in the object you are trying to compile. In the old form you had a RunObject action pointing to either a Form or a DataPort. As these objects are no longer allowed in the Windows client, then you need manually change the RunObject property to whatever page or XMLport you have created to replace the old object.

So what Saurav also says is, that you need to open/design the new page from the object designer, and change the RunObject action. Then you need to compile the object again.

It’s quite a few years ago, since I did my last form transformation from the classic client. In fact I have only done it a couple of times, and only for rather simple new forms. I typically find that unless we talk about 100’s of custom forms, without to many “special changes”, then using the transformation tool is not worth it. I find that it’s often easier to start all over. To see this the upgrade as a “new” implementation. Time-wise it’s typically going to about the same, but the customer is getting a system, which becomes much easier to upgrade going forward. Only bring up actual code and tables, redoing the page and report changes. If I was a company with a lot of customizations, that needed to be fully upgraded, incl. transformation, then I would use one of the NAV partners, who have specialized in primary doing this.

For better understanding: Click Design bottom on transformed page, click View at the top menu to check Page Action,
on the Action, where RunObject change it to default.

Thanks, I really appreciate.