After adding another comment on a CS SO note , AX stops working


When the sales taker tried to add another comment on an already existing CS SO Note for any SO like **31800 *, it is impossible for the sales taker to get out of the note. The sales taker has to cloose AX down.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Pankaj Kumar
Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Consultant.

Hi Pankaj,

First, you can try to debug it, by putting a breakpoint on the method that adds a comment to a note and see what happens. I bet it gets stuck in the wait() method.

Second, does your database and aos server have enough ressources? I experienced a similar problem on a Sales Order at a customer who had little ressource on his database server, so some queries where blocked and he had application hangs.
You can then try restarting both servers to clear sessions and free some ressources.