Advices needed

Hi all! how can I do picking of all components in production when using bar code??? These are my steps: - Run MRP to have production and purchase requirements - Release production orders - Print a modified job card to have a picking list of all my components. I NEED TO KNOW HERE WHICH LOT NUMBER I SHOULD PICK ( ACCORDING TO FIFO METHOD) How can I do that with warehouse management??? I dont use WMS just basic warehouse where receiving, picking is done. All items are lot controlled and receiving, poduction picking and shipping are bar coding. Any advices will be appreciated. RF

Hi Tatiana, I feel the barcoding does n’t make any differance over here. You get a selection of available lot numbers in the item tracking when you feel in the quantity to handle and you have to select entries from there.( Line- Item Tracking entries on the production order.) Regards, DD ( I hope I hv understood what you wnated to convey,)