I have seen in the SETFILTER the string “WHERE…” but i do not find any documentation. Have some one any documentation of advanced usega of the SETFILTER function. Best regard [xx(]

Where did you see the ‘WHERE’ clause in a SETFILTER command??? FYI: SETFILTER(Field, String [, Value] ,…) The where is the ‘Value’ but you don’t need to specify the clause WHERE. The only place that I’ve ever seen this clause (WHERE) is in the DataItemTableView of a report. eg. Report 10531 Remittance Advice - Journal DataItemTable - Gen. Journal Line DataItemTableView - SORTING(Journal Template Name,Journal Batch Name,Posting Date,Document No.) WHERE(Account Type=CONST(Vendor))

“WHERE” is used in properties. If you create a table realtion with a filter, this is converted to a string that is readable by the programmer. Where is not used in the filter statement. Use the Navision Help file to figure out how the filter statement is used. Good Luck!