Advanced lookup in NAV 2009 RTC

One thing I know disturbs both me and most of my users is the little “drop down” box that is shown when using F4 for Lookup in RTC. When we talk about simple data tables like posting groups or payment terms etc. with just a hand full of records then it’s fine, but when we talk about lookups into customers or items etc. then it mostly just slows down the process of finding the record, because the users almost always have to use the Advanced features.

So of course I have the option of programming an alternative lookup directly into the right page, but isn’t there a way to do it without programming and just changing a simple property or so?

And related to this, then it would be even cooler if it was possible for the user to use one of his saved views, so that in the case of looking up items the list could have some preset filters like not showing blocked items and only show raw materials when making the lookup from a production order.

It would be even better to activate the full text index in SQL Server and use that for the advanced search result rather than to filter on the customer number when typing in the box.

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I think I’m late, but I had the same problem and I solved it usingthe Field Groups in the table.

A better explanation here: