Advanced Invoicing

Hi, can anyone guide me to how to set up a Navision 4 system to handle advance invoicing. We need to print an invoice, lets say today but the delivery will be made after the payment is receieved. Regards Draggan

I am sure I answered this some time ago, but can’t find the old post, so… 1/ Create a G/L Account in the sales region called (say) “4200 Pre Invoicing” (or what ever) 2/ On the sales order for the goods, add two lines of type G/L No 4200. 3/ set the unit price to the amount you want to invoice the client, on both these lines 3/ On the first line, set qty to 1 qty to ship 1 and qty to invoice 1 4/ On the second line, set qty to -1 qty to ship -1 and qty to invoice 0 5/ Set Qty to ship and qty to invoice on all other lines to 0. 6/ Post and ship the order, creatig the pre pay invoice. 7/ Receive money from cleint, and apply to the invoice. 8/ Set qty to ship on all lines to the actual qty. 9/ Ship the order. 10/ Make sure that qty to invoice on all lines is the same as qty. 11/ Check with F9 the balance of the “To Invoice” tab, this should be zero. If not check and fix the error. 12/ Invoice the order. Done.